5 Flower Bed Ideas Colorful As A Flower Shop

If you’re an artist, you may find it easy to come up with some great flower bed ideas. If not, you may struggle with your backyard landscaping designs, which colors to use, where to put everything, which varieties to use, etc.

Many people have trouble making these decisions. But you don’t have to be an artist or a landscaping professional to design magnificent flower gardens! Enjoy our pictures of landscaping ideas.

flower bed ideas and colorful backyard landscaping designs

Flower beds need compost, so don´t forget to choose the perfect place for your compost pile in time. Compost is vital to your flowers, so is the right location for the compost pile.

Perfect: a well-drained area that has some shade and a half day of sun, a place where you can easily add ingredients to the composter. You can choose between open piles or confine the compost inside a container.

How To Realize Your Flower Bed Ideas.

#1  Like life, few gardens have only flowers.  

One of the most important parts when searching for flower bed design ideas is texture. You need to use flowers in a wide variety of heights and shapes. You should include plants with various sizes of flowers, different leave shapes, different greens and other foliage colors.

For a butterfly attracting garden you need to choose the right flowers and plants that will attract them. Variety is very important to the aesthetics of your flower beds. It will be very boring if you have too many flowers that look extremely similar!

simple flower bed ideas with spring summer fall

#2  To everything there is a season.

Some simple flower bed ideas for seasonal gardens. You need to keep the seasons in mind as you design your backyard. You’ll probably want to work to keep your garden blooming for as much of the year as possible, but you may prefer to focus on a particular season.

  • Spring: If you want your garden to bloom mostly in the spring, you might want to choose pinks and purples, or you might want to go with classic tulip colors such as red and yellow. A lot of spring-blooming flowers are yellow, so that’s a very classic color for the season.
  • Summer: Whites and blues are very good for summer, and if you add red it will make a wonderful garden for the fourth of July! Of course, you can also use spring colors or fall colors in your summer flower bed designs.
  • Fall floral gardens should probably contain reds, yellows, and orange. These colors are wonderful for the fall, and look striking with the standard oranges and browns of the fall leaves. African Marigolds are wonderful for fall gardens.

You don’t have to stick with these colors, but you’ll definitely need to choose colors that go well together. You probably won’t want to mix blues, purples and oranges together, for example.

You might wish to use a wide variety of colors together for a wildflower garden. It’s fine to use a wide range of colors if you intend to go for the wild, natural look. But if you´re up for more elegant gardening ideas, you need to be careful to choose colors that complement each other well.

Flower bed border ideas.

  • You need to remember to vary the height of the flowers you plant.
  • If you’re planting flowers near a border of some sort, like a fence or wall, then you should plant taller varieties in the back, gradually planting shorter and shorter flowers as you move forward.
  • Then you should plant some sort of very low-lying ornamental grass in the front to act as a border between the flowers and the walkway.
fragant garden ideas with lavender and peonies

#3  Fragrant plants do wonders for the soul.

Love to have nice smelling plants around? Me too, so don´t forget to reserve a sunny spot close to your house. If you think roses are to difficult to grow, think about herbs like mint, thyme or rosemary, plants like violets, peonies or lavender, shrubs like jasmine and lilac. Some plants that grow well and are suited for fairy gardening are miniature conifers.

#4  Annuals – live fast and die young.

You probably won’t want to plant solely annuals, because annuals need to be replanted each year. You should mix annuals in with perennials. After all, one of the best things about a flowered garden is how relaxing it can be. If it’s too much work, it might not be so relaxing!

#5  Garden paths act as the backbone of every landscape design, providing a sense of structure and order. You can give your garden design a textural bam with pebbles, granite, river rocks and other permeable materials. The least expensive material is any kind of bark or mulch.

flower garden design with path and flower beds

Putting all your flower bed ideas together and drawing a planting plan may seem like a scary prospect. But once you’ve planted your flowers, it might be a bit hard for you to tear them up if you don’t like the layout, so it’s very important to get it right from the beginning.

Design front yard planting beds to guide eyes toward your front door. Not all plants need be in the ground, pots can be moved to add color to any sections of the garden. An appealing front yard take time and money to create, but there are some creative and low-budget ways to update your home’s exterior. A well-designed landscape helps to highlight the beauty of a house and it also raises a home’s value.

Hope you enjoyed our pictures of flower bed ideas and landscaping tips, stay tuned for more flower garden design inspirations.