Interior Design Trends That Will Shape Your Home

Wondering about the latest interior design trends? The interior design industry is like the fashion industry – colors, fabrics, and prints go in and out of style. People nowadays want rooms they can actually live in, so comfort and originality are the interior design trends for the coming years.

interior design trends

Interior design trends focus on simplicity, Eco-friendly ideas, reasonable comfort and luxury.

In the U.S. trendsetting states such as New York and California actually prefer contemporary and transitional styles, respectively.

Contemporary style encompasses a range of different trends developed in the latter half of the 20th century. A mix of bold and neutral shades and rounded lines and will permeate in coming years.

Transitional style is a more accessible look that melds two different aesthetics: traditional and modern with key elements of timeless classic design combining modern convenience with simple lines and profiles.

Meanwhile in the UK its all about 1970s nostalgia, outside furniture and plants indoors and Eco-friendly kitchens.

When it comes to shapes and sizes rounded furniture is hip. DIY furniture and Plywood kitchens are on the rise. People are also using locally sourced materials to give back to the economy.

trends in interior design

When it comes to the latest trends in interior design, no longer is a home running with just one color theme. Sophisticated pastels like sage and dusty blue, blush pink, and black are trendy colors this year. Botanical yellow green, terracotta, apricot, and warm stone gray are all drawn straight from the natural landscape. But also darker walls, jewel tones, fuchsia and teal are on the rise.

Lighting moves toward to more decorative architectural systems that can illuminate space with waves of sculptural forms, as opposed to individual fixtures.

People are also paying more attention to first impressions, design outdoor lighting ideas and taking care to ensure their doorways are top notch.

Steps to improve indoor air quality.

Some of the latest innovations that you can consider for your interior design options can include:

  • Organic fabrics that are low in Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Paints that are low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Consider carpets and rugs made from vegetable dye; and formaldehyde free cabinets.
  • Investing in a hoover with built in HEPA filter that reduces pollen, pet dander and smoke particles.
  • House plants reduce harmful gases from the air and increases oxygen levels.
  • Allow as much air as possible to flow through your home by keeping windows open when the house is occupied.

Rooms are designed to last decades, not months, but some new interior design trends are likely to stand the test of time.

  • Beige is decidedly on its way to becoming the new gray.
  • Transparent colored furniture is back.
  • As the color green is up to a whole new level us more plants in your homes.

It´s all about an exciting movement toward new original forms or decorating styles and clean shapes with refined and thoughtful details.