Office Shed – Prefab to DIY Cost Everything Covered

Office Shed in your garden

Nature has a calming effect on most people, while an office environment generally creates stress. Why not listen to the birds’ tweet as you finish that big project? A backyard office shed is a great way to have the best of both worlds! Get the peace and quiet you need… Continue reading

When Less is More – Living in a Tiny House

living in a tiny house

Tiny homes are popping up across the U.S. as many people look to live with less, reduce their carbon footprint or of course save money. But living in a tiny house is not for everyone, it has its benefits and drawbacks. Less square footage, less stuff and less responsibility may… Continue reading

Butterfly And Bee Attracting Flowers For Your Garden

Butterfly and bee attracting flowers

If you’re going to start a bee and butterfly attracting garden, you’re going to need to choose the right flowers and plants that will attract them.  But there is more than just the food source, they need a habitat and shelter too. Butterflies and bees are beautiful creatures with very… Continue reading

How To Create An Enchanting Outdoor Fairy Garden?

ideas to create an outdoor fairy garden

You might not be aware of exactly what an outdoor fairy garden is. This delightful hobby is a way to create a garden of magic and make believe. Using your imagination, you can create a world of wonder. You put in the plants that you want to have in this… Continue reading

Houses On The Water A New Trend In Architecture

houses on the water

In the United States, water is increasingly being used as a valuable resource for house construction and particularly in floating houses which are also referred to as houses on the water. Houses built on water these are gradually becoming an innovative and popular housing option in the country and especially… Continue reading