5 Tips For Your Dining Room Buffet

buffet counter interior design trend

One of the nicer things you can do with a dining room is install your own buffet counter. It doesn’t have to be huge, but having a counter available for this specific purpose opens up all kinds of possibilities for entertaining friends and family. You’ll be better equipped to host… Continue reading

6 Amazing Backyard Deck Ideas

Backyard deck furniture

Over the last couple of articles we have been discussing ideas for your backyards and this one is no exception. Let’s discuss some awesome backyard deck ideas that will elevate your mind and get you thinking about what features you can add next time you re-do the backyard deck. Find all backyard deck ideas here. Continue reading

Popularity of Steel Frame Homes Picking up in Recent Years!

Steel frame homes

Steel frame homes are becoming more popular over the years especially with the cost of materials getting higher. The design is up to you and finishes can be the same as you are accustomed to using. Or steel frame homes come with a stunning incorporation of glass making it into a contemporary inhabitable work of art. Continue reading

8 Unique Backsplash Glass Ideas to Update Entire Home’s Look

backsplash glassidea in a kitchen

Homeowners are always in awe of new & exciting design ideas to renovate & restyle their kitchen & living spaces. The Backsplash Glass serves as low-maintenance, slick, and trendy design alternative compared to the traditionalistic & outdated tiles.  The contemporary design ideas excessively use a blend of vivid & vigorous… Continue reading

Designing a Vertical Garden for Small Balconies

With the rapid growth in city living modern accommodation is focusing more and more on condominium towers and apartment blocks. These homes in the sky are space conscious and balconies are getting smaller but that does not mean that there will be no room for plants. To have greenery and… Continue reading

Rock Features for Backyard Ponds

garden rocks waterfall in a no grass backyard

Rocks and water. These two simple elements are integral to the design and feel of a water garden. In fact, they are so important that they are the focal point of many gardens. Garden Rocks as an Element in Pond Design Whether garden rocks are part of a natural rock… Continue reading

Top tips and tricks for pest proofing your decking

backyard deck chair

When the sun is shining, we all love to sit in our gardens — but the last thing we want is for them to be infected with pests. Your garden decking makes the perfect home for a number of potential pests; especially during the harsher weather conditions. In London, more… Continue reading