Popularity of Steel Frame Homes Picking up in Recent Years!

Steel frame homes are becoming more popular over the years especially with the cost of materials getting higher. The design is up to you – steel framing walls will remain straight and true, and finishes can be the same as you are accustomed to using.

Steel frame homes

Or they come with a stunning incorporation of glass making it into a contemporary inhabitable work of art. However, people still focus on traditional homes and there are several reasons that’ll we’ll discuss a little later. Either way modern steel frame homes have been proven to be very strong and provide protection against some of the toughest winds that people face.

steel frame homes pros and cons

Let’s look into some of the benefits of steel frame homes vs wood homes.

First, why choose a steel frame home? This question has been asked several times with some reasons beginning with customization since advancements in engineering allow many of these homes to be custom built. You can have a steel frame while having the walls covered with bricks, stucco, and steel including old fashion cement blocks. Another major benefit of steel frame homes is that unlike traditional homes, steel frames are protected against termites. Homes affected by termites cost North Americans millions of dollars each year so this is definitely a huge benefit with steel frame homes.

But be aware if you have timber floors, wooden kitchen, window liners, skirting, built in furniture etc. that all have to be protected from termites too. If you’re worried about the actual look and worry that they will look like trailers well as mentioned technology has made it possible for these to be highly customized with strength, durability and a customized finish. Add windows and even marble if you have the extra investment to put into a home.

modern steel frame homes


Here are a few other things to consider: Starting with the actual design which is very easy since much of the work is done using computer software with the instructions being forwarded to the factory responsible for bending the metal, cutting and shaping. The factory will then notify the designer that the pieces are ready and can be transported to the construction site. Overall, the design process is very easy so that is something that people really love.

Next, once the construction is completed, you can move forward with the interior which can look exactly like a modern home. The fixtures, walls, floors and washrooms can all have a modern look to them. This was something that was not possible before but again advancements in technology make it possible. Building codes and permits are somewhat difficult to obtain with each city having their own laws regarding steel frame housing. However, the steel frame homes benefits are sometimes enough to get approval to build a steel home.

Next, you have to make sure to own the land the your building a steel structure on which normally means to build far away from traditional homes. If you decide to proceed with a steel frame home then visit your city office to find out more about what is required before you can begin construction.

steel frame homes cost & design


Steel frame homes offer an energy benefit saving you as much as 40% compared to wooden homes. It’s true, the thermal transfer of heat is greater on steel frame houses than in traditionally timber houses, but the frames offer you much more room to insulate. For that steel frame homes will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter saving you money on your energy bills.


But there are some cons to consider too: Steel buildings have a higher expansion rate compared to other building types, so creaking can be a problem in your steel frame house. If you live in an area by the coast your steel frame house is subject to rust, to be prepared take special care that all parts are hot dipped galvanized. Finally, I know many of you are wondering about the actual cost of purchasing an existing or building a steel frame home. Let’s look at the average cost per home these days…

classic steel frame homes & home plans


Let´s talk about the steel frame homes cost. In 1993 with the increase in lumber prices, steel frame homes became more popular because they were affordable and with the latest technology they are becoming more like modern homes. Economically they make sense, with steel homes costing from $10 to $25 per square feet with very strong strength of around 30 x 40 units. A typical traditional home cost around $200-$250 a square feet but is missing the toughness that you’ll find with a steel frame home. There are many different designs from a variety of builders which you can choose from like “Aspen, Northbrook, Springhill, Georgetown, etc.

Have a look at some home plans. These are all ranging in prices anywhere from $34,500 – $125,000. If you consider the size and style, this is actually an awesome price to be paying for a steel frame home with all the finishes. The higher cost homes in the range of 100-125K are close to 3,000 square feet and if you were to purchase a traditional home of that size you would be paying 500K. You have a better idea of how economical these steel homes can be.

Image1: Jeremy Levine Design / CC BY