Commercial Real Estate Trends of 2022

In 2021, every sector was affected by covid-19, including commercial real estate. The government suggested that many people work from home if they could. This had a massive effect on the offices around the cities. Now, there are thousands of businesses that have given their employees the option to work… Continue reading

Granite Nike Missile Base

Nike Missile Base

For many years, US have remained at the top with the highest number of Nike missile bases when compared to other countries in the world. Many of the Nike missiles are under care of Army National Guard while others are under the protection of local and state governments in a… Continue reading

The Woodstock Snowball Stand – A Local Tradition

snow cone stand

Before we get to the Woodstock Snowball Stand, lets ask – Snowball vs Snow Cones: Which Frozen Treat Stands Supreme? Even for those of us who aren’t really summer people, the season gives us something to rejoice about especially if we happen to be in the Northern states. A delicious… Continue reading

One Hundred Years of Housing on Acme Avenue

Acme Avenue

We all know that no man is an island, so no home stand on its own. In addition, old is always gold. Why say this? Whenever people stay in the same neighborhood, they often help one another leading to what we call design relationship. Our little genealogy story about some… Continue reading

Historic District Landmarks


Historic District: The definition of a historic district is a group of buildings, or properties, that have been designated as architecturally or historically significant. Within such a district buildings, structures, objects and sites are normally divided into two categories, contributing and non-contributing. The historical districts vary in size, some have… Continue reading