Historic District Landmarks

Historic District: The definition of a historic district is a group of buildings, or properties, that have been designated as architecturally or historically significant. Within such a district buildings, structures, objects and sites are normally divided into two categories, contributing and non-contributing. The historical districts vary in size, some have hundreds of structures, while others have just a few only.

Historic district new orleansEven though the cities in the USA are relatively young compared to those in Europe, there are some historic districts of great architectural interest in cities like New Orleans, Louisiana – Williamsburg, Virginia – Charleston, South Carolina – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Boston, Massachusetts, just to mention a few.

History Revisited – 4 Famous Districts in the U.S.

The 50 states of America have not been formed in a single step. Rather, these territories and regions have flourished during the height of industrial and cultural revolution in the New World.

While the name of the country might suggest that all the states are united, the truth is that each state has some unique thing to impart to the whole culture of the country. Cities, both famous and less-known, are known for some districts and areas that lend these cities their own historical heritage and wealth. Here is a look at some of the most famous historic districts of USA.


Esplanade Avenue, New Orleans

New Orleans is a funky city that is associated with chunky steamboats and the nasty alligators along with carnivals as well. But it is Esplanade Avenue which comes off as the most charming street in the city. The Avenue links the Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi River.

This was the reason why it was a vital port during the 19th century. Given the importance of the place, a number of grand mansions and houses were built by the rich people. Even today, you can marvel at the pretty houses at the lakeside as well as the brisk activity on the street.

Colonial Williamsburg, Williamsburg


The evergreen state of Virginia has a long heritage of association with the battles of the Civil War. The city of Williamsburg is a city that is noted as a stage for both political and explosive warfare between Union and Confederacy.

But one famous historic district is that of Colonial Williamsburg. This was the original Williamsburg historic district but it was revived in the 20th century as well. With wide open spaces, dappled sunlight and pretty colonies or Civil War settlers, Colonial Williamsburg is as pretty and interesting as any colonial outpost could be. Go ahead mates and check it out.

South Boston, Boston

You have seen it come alive in Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Departed’ but South Boston, aka Southie, is possible the most intriguing place in the windy city. South Boston was where the Dorchester Bay flourished as the main point during historic events like the American Revolution as well as the Civil War.

Thanks to such a heritage, South Boston has emerged as one of the main historic district of all time. This is where a strong and sizeable Irish-Italian population thrives. There is also a stronghold of Polish and Lithuanian people in the district’s colonnades as well. This is a place to see to believe as well.

Center City, Philadelphia

Most of the business in the predominantly blue-collar city of Philadelphia takes place in Center City. Center City is possibly the best place to visit in an otherwise low-brow city. Here, you can find enchanting and lively city squares, art centers like the Avenue Of Arts, Chinatown and famous skyscrapers like the ornamental City Hall. This is a city that has also been linked with some great historical achievements as well. Therefore, the Center City is a district that will be really extraordinary in every possible sense.

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