10 Most Incredible Bridge Designs In The World

Since ancient times, man has been using various bridge designs to reduce the gap between physical obstacles for smooth passage. Some of these architectures have remarkable presence in the world. Here, we have got for you the list of 10 most incredible bridge constructions around the world. Some of these have become architectural icons for their engineering wonder.
Brooklyn Bridge Designs

Bridge Designs In The World

1. Great Belt Bridge

The Great Belt Bridge is actually built in two sections Eastern and Western. Both of these sections are split by a small island. It is one of the largest bridges in the world.

Allure of the Seas under Great Belt Bridge

Martin Nikolaj / CC BY


The eastern bridge is a suspension bridge, while the Western one is a low-level bridge. This connecting strait was built in 1988 and rebuilt in 1998. The Eastern Link interconnects the regions of Denmark and has made getting around Denmark a lot easier. On the other hand, the West link combines rail and road link between Sprogo and Funen.



2. Chapel Bridge: The Chapel Bridge is the oldest wooden covered link in Europe. It is also one of the main tourist attractions of Switzerland.
Chapel Bridge in Lucerne, Switzerland

Magic Ketchup / CC BY-NC-SA


The bridge was built in 1333 to protect the habitants of Lucerne from attacks. In 1993 this link was rebuilt after a fire incident. It is a 670 foot long link that overpasses the Reuss River located in the upper region of the Swiss city Lucerne.


3. Chengyang Bridge:  Chengyang Bridge was built in 1916. It is a 211 foot long bridge located in the Sanjiang County. It is also known as Wind and Rain Bridge and is one of the most famous among other wind and rain connects built in China.

Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge, Guangxi

oliverlaumann / CC BY-NC


This is one of the most fascinating bridge types as it exhibits an incredible combination of bridge, veranda, corridors and Chinese pavilion. The architecture of the construction consists of 2 platforms, 3 piers, 5 pavilions, 3 spans, 3 floors and 19 verandas.


4. Brooklyn Bridge:  This is one of the most popular bridge designs in the world. Constructed and completed on January 3, 1870, Brooklyn Bridge is one of the longest and oldest suspension bridges in the world.

Brooklyn Bridge sunset

ccho / CC BY-NC-ND


This arc connects Manhattan and Brooklyn by spanning the East River. Since its opening, this bridge design has become a landmark for New York City. Brooklyn Bridge was selected as a National Historic Landmark in 1964, followed by electing as a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark in 1972.


5. Alcántara Bridge: This is one of the ancient roman stone arch bridge designs built in 104 and 106 CE. It is considered to be the finest connection built by the ancient Romans.

Alcántara Roman Bridge

Lord Wellington1815 CC BY-NC-ND


The link built across the Tagus River at Alcántara, Spain. The bridge or bow has been attacked several times during wars. The smallest arc from one side was destroyed by Moors in 1214, while the second arch was destroyed by the Spanish to stop the Portuguese. The bridge construction was again blown up by French in the year 1809.


6. Sydney Harbour Bridge:

Harbour Bridge in Sydney The bridge is also known as, “The Coathanger” because of its arc shape and distinctive style.

In Australia it is one of the most photographed sites, best known for its steel through arc construction.

The bridge was first opened in 1932 across Sydney Harbor with a motive to make the passage easy for rail, vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

Since it is of steel, this 440 ft high bridge is not completely stationary. The temperature and weather conditions can cause up to 18 cm of rise and fall.


7. Stari Most

Constructed in the 2004, this is one of most recognized landmarks in the city of Mostar, Bosnia.

Stari Most - Mostar (Bosnia)

PhotOguz / CC BY-SA


This is actually a reconstruction of The Old Bridge built in the 16th century that stood for nearly 430 years before it was destroyed by Bosnian Croat forces in 1993. The bridge spans the Neretva River which leads to the city of Mostar, from where it got its name. This 29 meters long bridge is elected as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


8. Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge: The Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge was opened for traffic in 1998. It took more than a decade to construct this bridge design.

Akashi-Kaikyō Bridge

jcruz2000 / CC BY-NC-ND


It is also known as the Pearl Bridge and is one of the longest suspension bridges (6,532 feet long) in the world. The total span of the bridge includes the Akashi Strait and links the city of Kobe with Honshu.

9. Rialto Bridge: The bridge was designed by Antonio da Ponte in 1591.

Rialto Bridge with Water Taxi - Venice

MA1216 / CC BY-NC-ND


The motive of this construction was to replace the wooden bridge that collapsed in 1524 spanning the Grand Canal, Italy. The construction and planning of the bridge designer was highly criticized predicting the future collapse. However, it came out to be of the architectural icons of Venice.


10. Charles Bridge:  This 1600 long bridge was completed and opened for traffic in the 15th century.

The Charles Bridge in Prague

Jim Linwood / CC BY


Charles Bridge was built across the river Vltava, and is only means that connect the Old town and Prague. It is one of the most visited sites with high volume of tourists every year. Originally, it was named, Prague Bridge, but has been known as the “Charles Bridge” since 1870.