6 Stunning Backyard Patio Designs

Designing the right kind of backyard is not only about having the right amount of space but you need to make sure that your backyard has a personal touch. A personal touch could be anything from having the right garden, patio set and even overall patio.

The good news is that having the right kind of backyard patio designs is very popular and many people are often searching for the right people to do the job. Hopefully some of the ideas below will guide you in the right direction.

backyard patio designs

Backyard Patio Designs with Pictures

In this article I will like to educate you on backyard patio designs so that moving forward you’ll have a better idea what to look for. In order to make everything very easy to understand and follow for you, I’ll list the top patio ideas in point form with pictures. Let’s get started…

backyard patio designs
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1. Give your existing patio a Mediterranean touch is a sure-fire way to take your outdoor living space from simple to stunning.

Mediterranean patio ideas

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The concept is based around one single seamless space where the house, patio & lawn just flows together. You can create an environment much like the Italian Piazza with outdoor market lights and speakers just in case you want some soothing backyard music.
String lights can be very bright or be dimmed to give you the look you want. Italian piazzas, are the beating hearts of every Italian city. They can be small, medium or big, familiar or dramatic, old, new, humble, opulent and everything in between.

2. Small backyard patio designs with a splash of color.

small backyard patio

This is a similar backyard to what you’d find in New York City because much of the space is limited there. Known as the Harlem backyard, it’s a very cozy retreat for families and they’re guests.
It is perfect for small yards and has enough room for a small garden and patio table.

Fresh up your garden with some flowers.You don’t have to be an artist to get magnificent flower bed designs, because not all plants need be in the ground. Pots can be moved to add color to any sections of the garden, just figure out what works best.

3. Here’s another minimalist patio design.

minimalist patio design

It’s a paver patio surrounded by a veneered-stone wall. This design was created for people who have woods in the backyard and are limited on space. It has room to add more lights and even a fireplace.
The top of the wall can be lime-stone or other material depending on budget.

4. If you are on a budget then the Historic Renovation design would be perfect for you.

This design focuses on keeping open space available with simple tiles. The seating is around the edges and there are gardening boxes around for those people looking to plant a garden. The reason this design works well is because if you have some more money left over you can continue to build on this design.

 Looking for backyard patio designs with fireplace?

5. The Fireplace landscape is perfect for those people who can afford to put a fireplace in the backyard.

outdoor patio fireplace

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The fireplace or fire pit would be located on the patio or close to the seating. It can be double sided and the size can be adjusted depending on space available. The fireplace itself may be small but it’s the outside which takes much of the space which is why an adjustment can be made later on. Perfect for people who like the inside-out look and want to be comfortable outdoors.

6. The White Falls

Has flooring which flows from the patio into the back garden. The space is very entertaining which has two places to sit and includes a fireplace. This backyard deck design is very spacious and has more than enough room for plants. For those of you who love to garden this backyard design includes two sections to plant vegetables and more plants.

These days there are so many designs available that you are definitely going to find something that you’re looking for.

In conclusion, choosing the right backyard patio design has to do with two things, your budget and preference. Once you locate the actual layout then you can proceed to customize it depending on your budget.

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Please stay with us for more backyard design ideas and get small backyard ideas and tips for deck designs in our next article! Hopefully some of the ideas above will guide you in the right direction.