10 Pictures Of Swimming Pools With “Wow” Factors

If you have a high-end home, chances are that you are keen on adding a swimming pool to your property, to take the style as well as luxury quotient of your home a notch higher. In this article we will provide some stunning pictures of swimming pools for your inspiration.

Especially because a swimming pool can do so much for your home – giving you the perfect venue for a pool party, letting you enjoy a refreshing dip in scorching hot weather and increasing the market value of your home.

It is worth putting in a little time and thought in to the perfect design. And since this project is going to cost you quite something, you might as well make it count! We will show you some stunning pictures of swimming pools now.

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From adding a swimming pool to the roof to integrating it seamlessly with your landscaping, underground or above ground, there is no dearth of inspiring design ideas when it comes to swimming pools.

These pictures of swimming pools will inspire you.

Great pool and house for modernists:

Getting started:
Before you start looking at designs that inspire you to swim everyday and make the most of your pool, you need to think about what you really want from the pool. Will it be used for swimming, or will it act only like a landscape element?

Would you like to integrate a pool with another water landscape feature like a fountain or artificial waterfall? If you want to create your personal oasis right in your own backyard get a waterfall running into your swimming pool.

pool furniture
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If you are looking for a green solution, you may opt for a natural pool. Instead of chemicals natural swimming pools use plants to filter they also have lower maintenance costs than conventional pools.

Natural living pool:

natural pool

A pool designer could help you decide what the best idea for your home is, keeping in mind the overall weather conditions of the place you live in and your lifestyle.

This is because if you live in a cold area where it’s only possible to use an outdoor pool 2 to 4 months a year, an indoor pool would be better suited to your needs.

And deciding on where you install the pool will have a deep impact on the design of it, so this is an issue you should address right in the beginning.

Pictures of swimming pools Mediterranean style:

Designers created stunning pools for indoors.
From a pool installed in the basement to a stylish pool area created on the roof, today anything is possible if swimming away your summers is what you want the most.

However, if your heart is set on a luxurious outdoor pool, you need to start thinking of the space and size, keeping in mind that a good yard to pool ratio needs to be worked out for the best dramatic visual effect and functionality.

Pictures of indoor swimming pools – the pool is inside – nature outside:

Ideas for shape and size: Believe it or not, both the shape as well as the size of your pool will have a deep impact on the overall design, not to mention its functionality. If you want a recreational pool, any type, shape and depth will do.

Mind you, this will not be a pool ideal for an athletic lap swimmer, but it will definitely add a new dimension to your landscaping. Shapes that complements your landscape decor is best – could be geometric like a square, rectangular, circular or even oval; or it can be artistic with many levels using an organic shape.

Pictures of swimming pools – this custom pool shape fits in:

If you have the space for it, an L shaped pool can be a great choice and can easily accommodate a recreational pool as well as a full size athletic pool.

A hybrid shape allows for varying depths and more scope for customization when it comes to the minute design details, like adding water slides and a diving area.

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A great trick is to add semi-submerged sunbathing chairs that let you keep your legs dipped in the refreshingly cool water while you soak up some sun on a hot day.

Image of a beautiful small pool in the backyard:

You don’t have to have a big backyard to fit a pool in? Don´t worry, even with a small yard, it’s still possible to create a stunning pool.

Finishing touches and features that make a difference.
Now that you have an idea of where your pool should be, and what shape and size is apt for your needs, it is the small detail that will add the perfect touch of luxury to your pool area and make it really stand out.

Backyard deck idea with swimming pool:

picture of pool and deck

By leaving sufficient area around the pool for a deck, you will be able to make better use of the space. It will also minimize dirt entering in to the water and cater for splashes and over spills, not to mention give you sufficient room for a tiki bar and some stylish seating arrangement.

Picture of infinity pool with beautiful view:

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Make sure that the finishing details you add stay true to the overall look and feel of your home. From adding colorful mosaic tiles to liven up the pool to an interesting stone or bronze water features, waterfalls and fountains, there are many ideas that can be seamlessly integrated to your overall landscaping design.

Infinity pools are not for every location, but no doubt visually stunning and surely the most beautiful pools in existence.

Above ground pools offer an easy, quick and cheaper answer to those wishing to have a private pool in their backyard. They are easy to install and some are even long enough for an adult to swim laps.

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Pool landscaping ideas: Whether you are aiming for the contemporary infinity edge or the classic traditional look, a few additions like the right seating, a fireplace near the pool area, a cabana or some exquisite chaise loungers will make all the difference in the style and comfort quotient.

Pictures of swimming pools in Florida, lovely screened Floridian pool:

The lack of bugs and debris makes a screened pool more enjoyable!

Don’t forget the lighting!
If you are going to spend a lot of time admiring the pool you have added, you need to be able to view it in all its grandeur even at night. The right lighting design for both the pool as well as the adjoining deck is a must.

If you are up to DIY build your pool, or let some builders do the construction and installation, we hope these pictures of swimming pools will inspire you.