What Is the Concept of the Cave House?

The concept of living in caves has been around for centuries. Today this concept is being furthered through the cave house. It is an interesting type of an underground home that it is built inside a cave.

This is a home that starts at an entrance to a cave. This kind of home is ideal in that there is more than enough space inside a typical cave.

The home will be built through some containers that are cut apart and reshaped to create strong metal bodies that will keep the home up.

The inside of the cave home will have its walls and ceilings positioned around the inside walls of the cave although some interior cutting and carving is typically required when getting such a cave home ready for use.

The cave or underground home designs will vary depending on the very unique and special type of environment.

Cave House Idea

Of course, to live in a cave is not for everyone.

The outside part of the house built underground will typically be within the wall of the cave.

The outside wall section will include a door and it may have some windows but it is always a point that is exciting to see.

In some cases the ceilings may consist of the cave surfaces itself.

In other cases ceilings may be added with traditional wood and metal materials to protect the space.

However, if a spot does not have any crumbling items then it will be rather easy for a spot to be built without any problems.

Where are existing cavern houses located?

The places that a cave house can be found in are scattered in mountains all over the world. Missouri and Tennessee are popular states thanks to how they are filled with plenty of natural caves and hills.

Meanwhile, some southwestern spots like Arizona and New Mexico will have some attractive spots for cave houses. Other countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia have become big spots for these houses.

For example: Spain’s cave country is in a mountainous region of northern Andalusia, between the Sierra Nevada and the Sierra de Castril. In Huescar, Guadix, and Baza and Huescar are entire districts of caves. A small ready-to-go town cave can be bought for less than $50.000 or up to $200.000 for a top-of-the-range cave (spa baths & swimming pool, underfloor heating etc.).

Homes in caves are fascinating types of buildings, but living underground in a cave is not for everyone. Plenty of effort has to be made to make them strong and sturdy but it is a good type of building worth exploring.

Photo credit: yepyepCreative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)