5 Amazingly Simple Interior Designs To Transform Your House!

There is a heaven and hell difference between a house that does not feature interior designs and one that has been decorated by famous interior designers. Home is where the heart is, therefore this is also a place that people would want to personalize in order to express their individuality through elements of designs and individuality.

Indoor Designs

What is interior design?

Well, Interior designing is absolutely essential if you wish to conceptualize as well as implement a certain look for your house. They say that the environment or surrounding can affect a person’s mood substantially – this is completely true! Therefore, why not transform your home into a better and more beautiful place to live in with these amazing interior design ideas?

Interior Designs To Transform Your Home

1. Accent Walls

Gone are the days when people just wanted a place having four walls and a roof in order to live comfortably. Today, it is all about the interior décor and atmosphere inside the house! Instead of going for a regular coat of paint, tile or wallpaper for the walls of your favorite room in the house, you can jazz things up by adding an ‘accent wall’. This means that you select a particular wall and then accentuate it with decorative items and textures in order to make it stand out. These days, leather, steel, gold and silk walls are quite popular options as far as the accent wall is concerned.

2. Chose a color scheme for each room

Interior designs dining room
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This has got to be one of the best interior designs ever because it makes the house so much better and attractive! Believe it or not, if you enter a dark or grayish room then your mood is automatically going to sink; on the other hand, if you enter a cheerful canary yellow or hot pink room then your mood will instantly perk up and you’ll feel more energetic! Thus, the saying: human beings are very ‘visual’ creatures, is actually true because what we see affects the way we perceive things or behave. Therefore, you can choose a different color scheme for each room. For bedrooms, a relaxing color like lavender, pale pink or pale blue would be great. In case of dining rooms and living rooms, a bright paint like a red, pink, royal blue or jade green would look absolutely gorgeous!

accessorize design examples

3. Accessorize 

Don’t forget the accessories when you are engaged in designing the interiors of your house or flats because these make all the difference! If you can then try to get fresh plants inside your house as these provide fresh air and also absorbs the useless carbon dioxide exhaled by us.

Things like souvenirs from trips, different types of collectibles, antiques passed down from generation to generation, paintings, framed photographs, etc make great accessories. When it comes to accessorizing a room, the rule of thumb is to always accessorize less or in moderation. Thus, less is truly more in this case!

4. Mirror Collage

These offer the best of both worlds: function as well as beauty. Who’d have thought that the humble mirror can look so lovely against the right background? If you are interested in getting a mirror collage for your room or your house then you should get those small mirrors which can be arranged and fixed together on the wall in order to create an abstract shape or pattern.

5. Furniture

is an important part of a room. If you don’t have a budget to follow then you can change the entire collection of furniture in the house/apartment. If you can’t make such a huge expenditure then you can simply change the layout of furniture in your home and you’ll see that it immediately changes the looks of your room and make it more interesting or beautiful place to live in. When it comes to interior designs, it is these small things that make all the difference!

Interior designs ideas for living room

If your follow these interior designs or ideas then you too can make your house look like the ones featured in interior design magazines. Also, when you have a beautiful house, you’d automatically look forward to returning to it every single day! You don’t always need the biggest of ideas or most expensive of items to transform your house, sometimes it is the small ideas and gestures that make all the difference.

Image 1: My name´s axel, License: CC BY-SA 2.0 | Image 3: Wicker Paradise, License: CC BY 2.0