5 Interior Design Styles to Try in Your Living Room

Every living room shows the owners personality, and whether you want a chic luxury finish or a warm homely room, it’s competently up to you! But naturally after a few years, you might find yourself wanting to try a new style out and if that time is now, here’s a look at 5 interior design ideas for your living room.

Types of interior design styles

70’s Minimalist Interior Design Style

A style that offers simplicity and detail simultaneously. With plenty of natural woods used for the coffee table, side tables and with the furniture, this minimalist style is inspired by Scandinavian furniture which offers a perfect balance of comfort and style in the room. The colours chosen are commonly natural with a few items in the room using bolder colours to highlight the accents of the room. If you’re looking to add light to a room this is the perfect style to open out a room and for those who don’t like clutter.

Mix and Match – Different Interior Design Styles

If you want to match a bold statement with your living room mix and match patterns are very much in for 2019. Bold wallpaper designs that clash with exciting furniture choices that offer opposite patterns work for anyone wanting to add a lot of life to the living room. The intention behind the room comes from the colours choices, it’s key to keep them similar and picking out accessories to help the room combine into unison.

Mustard – Trending Interior Design Style

Similar to marmite, you either hate it or love it. The mustard style works perfectly for any sized room, the key is to try not to go too overboard. To help the mustard accents stand out, a neutral colours flooring, along with a couple of walls help the mustard really spark. But accessories, along with luxury corner sofas, flowers and a footstool can really add to the mustard, it’s just a case of making sure you can find the right furniture to inspire the look.

Raw and Unfinished Style

A bold new style to try, the raw finish offers you the chance have simple furniture choices that essentially looks, unfinished. But this isn’t a bad thing, commonly this style is tending in dining rooms, but the having classic wooden shutters, minimalistic furniture and rustic accessories helps this style have an authentic look.

All Things Coral Style

coral interior design style in living room

The colour coral is a topic up for discussion, in this case, it’s a soft pink, but to some, it’s a closer to orange. This soft tonal style works perfectly for living rooms, offers a friendly warm space to relax. Curved furniture and simple painted walls to match help this type of home decor style stand out. It’s a fairly feminine choice to channel, so it might be worth speaking to anyone else in the house before taking the plunge!