Guide to Home Decor Styles

When decorating your house it’s important to make sure that the style you choose compliments your taste and personality. Since there are many home decor styles to choose from like Western, Spanish, Moroccan and very popular Tuscan, it’s important to understand how each and every decor will influence the look & feel of your home.

home decor styles living room

The Different Home Decor Styles

Ask yourself: What is my home decor style, what style makes me feel comfortable with – classic, exotic, romantic or country style home decor? In this article I’ll quickly mention a few popular home decor styles with a slight explanation of each and provide lots of pictures for you to get some inspiration.

Contemporary Living Room

Beautiful chic, contemporary because the mid-century design combines beauty, innovation, and function for timeless appealing aesthetic – todays contemporary furniture designers continue to evolve design.

When referring to different home decor styles, we are often talking about the interior of the home.

  • For example, with the vintage style you’ll often see antique which is based around mid-century and reusing pieces.
  • Many people have often referred to this style as eco-decorating through reusing existing items rather than finding new material to build new pieces.
  • Since many people are often looking for the older antique look as home decorating style, then many people have often talked about the frustration when trying to go for the vintage look.
  • Sometimes vintage style home decor pieces are not that easily available so they will buy new items and have someone paint an older look to them just to get the vintage look.
Vintage accessories
Vintage accessories

Many times the vintage style has been confused with the Victorian arts in relation to home decor.

  • For example, Victorian style home decor includes the use of a grand array of ornaments and has much of the style embedded in history.
  • The historic home decorating styles include introduction of Middle Eastern and Asian furniture, fitting, arts and crafts.
  • The only problem is that those people who do not have large sums of money to invest will often find themselves at a cross-road because these decorating styles are very expensive to implement in the home.
  • However, if you have the money to follow this decorative style then you can definitely do something special with your home.
  • The Victorian design is very stylish and grandiose which is definitely very eye-catching to anyone who is visiting your home. (Old world – Victorian floral)
Traditional Living Room home decor styles

Let’s look at some more modern home decorating styles which includes the beach look and water…

  • The beach has always been a location people often dream of owning a home however this has not stopped people from trying to have an interior beach design.
  • Modern technology has made it very easy for people to let their imagination go crazy allowing them to focus on styles that were not available a several years back.
  • The beach decor style can be applied if you are actually near any water or not. The idea is to decorate your home with vibrant colors like yellow, light blue, light green etc.
  • The idea is to give you the outdoor beach look even if you are NOT present near a beach or lake. Many people follow this path because it has to do with a mood lift just being able to be closer to the water etc.
  • The funny thing is that the beach decor look has been widely used in places where the weather is warmer all year long compared to those places that are seasonal.
Creative beach style home decor
Creative beach style

Finally, I will like to discuss the Mediterranean home decor style.

  • It has been influenced greatly by European and northern African cultures which border the Mediterranean Sea. There are 3 countries who are the originators of this style, Italy, Greece and Morocco.
  • These home decorating styles is becoming popular because it adds warmth to homes regardless of what your local climate actually is.
  • To get the full Mediterranean look inside a home, use the colors, fabrics and furniture types most closely associated with the region. Here are some of the fundamentals of a Mediterranean look…
Spanish style home decor
Traditional Mediterranean decoration

Use warm colors on the walls of your home and it is recommended to use multiple colors on the same wall while adding textures through sponge-painting.

Next add decorative tiles to your wall which represent your local culture. Use ceramic or wrought-iron that have very detailed designs and be sure to furnish your place with chairs and tables that have short legs and intricate carvings.

There are many online resources that provide different home decor ideas

There are many online shops, and stores available that will provide you with detailed information on different home decor ideas and it’s important to only choose the style you feel compliments your personality the most.

When choosing your final decor, it’s important to keep your budget in mind so you do not over spend on interior design which has been known to get very expensive.