5 Ways You Can Add A Touch Of The Mediterranean To Your Home

What are the first things you think of when you hear the words ‘Mediterranean’? Is it turquoise oceans? Romantic seafood dinners? Or maybe just the relaxed lifestyle? Whatever the word means to you, the good news is that you can take inspiration from many of the smells, colours and tastes of the Mediterranean style to your home. The style relies on light colours, casual and rustic textures and low-maintenance materials, all of which will add a touch of elegance to your home and some Mediterranean style decor that so many of us want in our homes during the winter months.

Neutral Colours

Mediterranean style home decor ideas are reliant on natural inspiration, so your choice of colour scheme will play a huge role when it comes to recreating that style. Traditionally, Greek homes opt for white walls with whitewashed wooden floors. Then, to make the room pop, accents of blues are added to the design with accessories and soft furnishings.

mediterranean style side table

Italian homes tend to use earthier tones and colours to create their desired ambience. Yellows, oranges and deep reds are used to complement the traditional use of dark wood or stone floors which many Italian homes have. You can introduce colour schemes through paint, home decorating styles and furnishings, but also through the light which you choose to let in through windows or roof lights.

Be Rustic

You will often hear the word rustic when it comes to Mediterranean design. Things such as detailed mosaics and tiles work almost anywhere in a Mediterranean home, from the floors, walls, mirror frames and tabletops. The best part of this is that the tiles don’t need to be uniform, so you can be as creative as you want. Whilst rooms full of tiles might work in the heat of the Med, it might not be the best idea for the cold, wet weather the UK is famed for, so adding some mosaic or tile touches around your home will probably work best.

Use Natural Light

Many homes in the Mediterannean use windows and rooflights as a way to let in as much natural light as possible. Sunlight is perfect for enhancing the colours inside your home – visit any luxury Algarve villa or home in the South of France and you’ll find that they all make the most of natural lighting. Adding new windows into your home may be costly, so why not choose a rooflight instead? A frameless pitched rooflight will make the most of any natural light, so will instantly lift the room. Choosing natural and light colours in your home will make a space seem bigger when natural light fills the space, giving it an instant refresh.

Bring Nature Indoors

A large majority of Mediterranean homes celebrate nature and plants, flowers and herbs where they can. Often, living rooms feature large potted plants, where more subtle flowers and blooms can be found in the bedrooms. Kitchens in the Med are often filled with fresh herbs and spices, with many different aromas filling the room. It’s easy enough to grow potted herbs in your kitchen to use in your cooking and adding greenery to a room can really increase the Mediterranean feeling around your home.

Use Natural Materials

Mediterranean style home decor mostly features a lot of natural materials, particularly wood. In Mediterranean homes, wood works as a way of adding warmth and balance with the neutral and white colours all around the home. Wooden coffee tables work well in the living room, whereas wooden blinds or chopping boards are a great way of adding small touches to your kitchen. Depending on the room and what you want it to look like, there are many ways you can use natural materials to increase the Mediterranean feel around your home.