Interesting Considerations For Underground Home Designs

Underground dwellings have become very interesting in recent time. These homes allow to be built and set up in spots within the earth to create some very interesting and special looks that will really be appreciated by all in a local area.

Many different underground designs are being used these days. For instance, a dome-style may be designed to where a dome-shaped roof is built over the property.

Underground Home Designs

With the dome design, the home is mostly buried under ground but thanks to the innovative light-gathering window tower above the dome it is also incredibly light and bright inside.

There are many options, from totally subterranean, to partly buried, built into a hill, grass roofed, buried in soil, caves or below sand dunes.

Some below ground homes incorporate existing open spaces like the open spots of caves.

These designs may offer bare rustic walls and ceilings.

You can include local materials and traditional construction techniques in the underground home design; this will reduce transportation and waste.

You will also be able to generate sustainable energy on the site with geothermal heat, solar roof panels and wind turbines.

The different underground house designs are always blending with the landscape, the structures come second to nature.

Afraid of extreme earthquakes, nuclear wars, meteorites from outer space or other threatening events?

In that case a modern and luxury underground bomb shelter may be right for you.

Keep in mind that the design must be well thought out in advance because any changes later will be difficult or even impossible once the soil was replaced.

There are some cases where underground living may not be useful though.

For instance, many designs are not going to work in spaces that are near bodies of water.

The soil may be too soft and it is often hard to prepare waterproof materials that will prevent leaks from getting into a home.

Underground home designs can be interesting if they are made right.

The designs will vary depending on the very unique and special type of environment.

archer10 (Dennis) / Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)