10 Outdoor Furniture Designs For Creating A Living Room In Your Backyard

To create a backyard living room which you can enjoy all season long, all it takes is the right furniture choices and some thought-filled planning to transform your outdoor space – no matter how small – into another room. Your backyard truly is an extension of your home, particularly the living and kitchen spaces.

This is because our homes are now, on average, smaller than ever before so we are looking to transform our outdoor spaces to be able to relax and entertain. If you want to create a living room in your garden, then here are 10 furniture designs to help you create a stylish and friendly outdoor living space.

backyard deck furniture to design a backyard living room

Outdoor Shelving

It isn’t only tables and seating which is on offer for backyard living room designs. There are now furnishing on offer which are not traditionally found in the garden.

With more and more demand for bigger shelves to be used in the garden, you can now find suitable metal shelves that are created with the backyard in mind.


Rugs are now even more important when it comes to outdoor spaces. Specialist outdoor fabrics and textiles are now being developed to make it easier than ever to bring soft furnishings in the garden.

As we all know, rugs define a room and create different textures whilst also adding comfort and warmth underfoot. This means that it is even more important for outdoor environments.

Patio-Safe Fabrics

Finding a good quality outdoor fabric is something which proves difficult. Often susceptible to damp, staining and odour, fabrics which are used outdoors can be something that is more of a hindrance than a pleasure.

backyard living room idea

However, new weather-resistant and outdoor safe materials are becoming easier to source and are now on a majority of outdoor garden furniture.

Outdoor Kitchens

With more and more of us spending time and money on improving our gardens and transforming them into a space where we want to spend our free time, it is no surprise that outdoor kitchens and cooking spaces are becoming more popular. There are now sleek outdoor kitchen designs and pieces that come with everything from a sink to a wine cooler or fridge.

Functional Lighting

Garden lighting has come a long way since the fairy lights and solar-powered lamps from the early 2000s. There is now a huge interest in outdoor lighting collections, from floor lamps to the more stylish outdoor chandeliers. Lighting for the garden and outdoors has had a huge revamp and is sure to fit in with the style of your garden space.

Lamps in trees, garden lighting idea

Flower Pots And Planters

We’re all familiar with the traditional terracotta plant pots and flower beds and these have now had a major makeover. Stainless steel is a huge trend predicted for 2019, especially in garden spaces, and there are many different plant pots which come with this design and style. Often consisting of a painted stainless steel bowl or pot, these are seated on top of a stylish golden or metallic ring base.

Outdoor Seating

Long gone are the days of having a fold out chair here and there in your garden. Outdoor seating is now almost as important as the seating in your living room or dining room. From a garden corner sofa to stylish wicker armchairs, there is now so much choice available when choosing garden seating that you’ll be stuck for choice.

backyard deck outdoor seating

Indoor Or Outdoor?

As well as new and improved designs, outdoor garden furniture models from the past are being re-launched. With this comes furniture designs that feature an indoor/outdoor feel. Often in warmer tones, such as brown or red, these pieces of furniture are often highly durable thanks to their natural oils.

The wood that this furniture is made from often needs minimal maintenance and gradually builds on its colour. So-called indoor/outdoor furniture, this furniture could look in place in both your dining room and the garden.

Linear Designs

This is a huge trend across all areas of the home, so it is no surprise that it has now completely transformed garden spaces. Garden pieces often come in the form of outdoor dining pieces which are based on traditional picnic benches and are characterised by their clean lines and folded edges.

Heat And Light

With so many of us wanting to spend more time in the garden, it’s no wonder that we want to extend the length of time which we spend in our new outdoor living rooms. Keeping warm is important and there are now plenty of different fire pits, chimeneas and heaters which you can choose to accentuate your outdoor space.

In the same way that you would use lighting indoors, you can do the same in your garden. Tip for backyard living room designs: choose light from a variety of different sources, such as table lamps and candles, so that you can continue to use your space even when the sun has set or the weather isn’t on your side.