Small Backyard Garden Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

If you’ve got a small backyard, it can be frustrating to execute your dream garden ideas with such a limited space. Whether you’re part of the urban jungle immersed in city life or you’ve simply compromised on the perfect home with a small garden, don’t fret.

There are plenty of small backyard garden ideas that will help you make the most of your space. See below some of the best suggestions:

  • Hanging Baskets

If you’re looking to include an abundance of beautiful plants in your garden but don’t have floor space to work with, hanging baskets can be a saving grace! They can bring some much-needed life to your backyard, while providing levels for an aesthetically pleasing overall look. Even the cosiest of spaces can be revived with an array of bright flowers and trailers. They’re also perfect for growing your own herbs.

plant pots small backyard garden ideas
  • Open Up Your Garden

Mixing paving slabs with grass can give the illusion of a larger garden space.

Choosing even a small area of the garden to patio over will make a huge difference. A patio area can create an extension of your home, giving you more space to work with.

It’s ideal for any lazy gardeners who want the look of a professional garden without all the hard work. You can even pave a pathway through your garden if you’re feeling creative.

  • Outdoor Furniture

When it comes to outdoor-furniture, you may not have such luxury in a smaller garden. That’s where your conservatory furniture comes in, pick smaller, bistro like sets that you can then bring indoors once winter comes. A table teamed with two small chairs should do the trick and allows you to embrace al fresco dining in the summer even if you’ve got limited outdoor space.

  • Plant Pot Gardening

Plant pots are ideal for areas where a flower bed may not be practical. For smaller gardens, pots of different shapes and sizes can add a different element to the space. Try to mix it up with some clay and coloured pots to help form a diverse garden. Though these flowers may require some love and care, they’re still relatively easy to maintain even for novice gardeners.

  • A Feature Wall

Want to liven your garden up without using any floor space whatsoever? Create a wonderful feature wall! They may seem extremely professional, but actually they’re easy to start. Establish a base that’s close to the wall and use climber plants that will grow across the wall for a burst of colour. Varieties that work well include honeysuckle, sweet peas and roses.

  • Window Boxes

Window boxes are an ideal solution for small backyards. Plenty of amazing flowers lend themselves well to these types of growing conditions – anything from fresh herbs to strawberries will flourish. Don’t feel limited with window boxes, either. There’s no need to opt for standard window box, get crafty and see what you can come up with. Use old drawers or crates to get started.

use a window-box in a small garden
  • Create An Illusion

If you’re truly stuck for space, why not create an illusion of a larger garden? This clever mirror trick has been used by many garden designers. Visit local charity shops to scout a large vintage rustic mirror to hang across a brick wall or choose smaller individual mirrors for a more artistic effect.

  • Elevated Garden Tower

We’ve all heard about how vertical gardening is ideal for smaller gardens, but an elevated garden tower focuses on just one tall structure. Here, you can include some of your favourite plants and flowers to peek out of the separate pockets dotted up and down the specially made plant pot structure. It’s easy enough to make your own or simply head to your local garden centre.