DIY Backyard Ideas That Will Make Your Small Backyard Look Big

Do you feel like your backyard is too small to be appreciated? If so, you should consider enhancing its appearance. Your area will look fantastic with a little bit of effort and creativity. With that in mind, here are DIY Backyard Ideas that will make your small backyard look big.

1) Divide the Yard

diy backyard ideas to divide the Yard

This basically refers to zoning your small backyard. While the total area wouldn’t change, the creation of sections would entice visitors to do some exploration. You can create these zones through the installation of walls and planters. It’s entirely up to you how you arrange the planters and how high the walls will be. DIY Backyard Ideas: make use of grass, pavers, and decks to give each section its own distinct identity.

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2) Experiment with the Levels

one of the diy small backyard ideas is experimenting with the levels

A backyard definitely looks small if it only has a rectangular form and covered with mere grass (also read backyard ideas no grass). One way to improve the aesthetics of a small backyard is to create depth. Make people notice that some sections are lower or higher than others. These interruptions in a primarily flat and leveled surface will make your yard more interesting.

For one, you can have a retaining wall. This does not only add texture and depth but it also serves the purpose of preventing soil erosion. Likewise, a raised garden bed can be where you grow your flowers and vegetables. Lastly, a sunken patio creates a lovely space for people to relax even with the limited space.

3) Utilize Straight Lines and Pathways

backyard ideas diy pathways and straight lines

Perspective is what you need to change to make your small yard look bigger. One of the simplest ways is to have long and straight lines in your yard.

This idea takes advantage of how our eyes perceive distance if there’s a straight path ahead. An even better idea is if these straight lines converge at a central feature in your backyard. These include a tree, a small patio, or even a water feature.

Of course, you can choose among many pathway ideas. Some homeowners prefer to use gravel since it is readily available and quite affordable. Others use large stones featuring irregular sizes and shapes.

You can also get wooden steps, bricks, and even wood chips for your pathways. It’s all up to you how you will create your straight path.

4) Create an Arbor

Apart from pathways and zoning, you can also develop an arbor. The installation of an arbor serves to beautify your small yard. This is a large structure, especially when it is placed in an area with limited space. It can effectively create a sense of intimacy with how it provides shade to the plants while also being grandiose due to its sheer size.

backyard diy idea: create an arbor

The arbor can be bigger than your doorway to ensure that people can walk along under it without feeling cramped. However, it should not be short enough that the average person has to lower his or her head. Otherwise, the arbor can make your yard even smaller. Likewise, it’s best to plan the arbor with how your vines will grow to achieve your desired outcome.

5) Add a Variety of Colors

one simple diy backyard idea is adding a variety of colors

A yard that only has green plants all around can look mundane, so why not make use of bright colors? Due to how bright and vivid they are, colors such as yellow and red can quickly grab the attention of any individual. Thus, you should place plants with bright flowers at the center of your hand. On the other hand, plants that produce blue, purple and other less striking colors can be placed at the edges.

6) Practice Vertical Gardening

ertical gardening one of many diy backyard garden ideas

Vertical gardening will make visitors look up instead of just around your small yard. Plants such as petunias, sword fern, and red ivy can thrive in this type of gardening.

Just pick a wall where you want your vertical gardening to arise from. What matters is that your plants can receive adequate sunlight. Afterward, construct a frame to support the plants and don’t forget to install an irrigation system. Eventually, you’ll have a lush wall of plants.

In conclusion, there are DIY Backyard Ideas to make your yard look bigger than it actually is. From vertical gardens and arbors to pathways and sunken patios, you will never run out of landscaping ideas. If you have any queries, feel free to send us a comment.