Office Shed – Prefab to DIY Cost Everything Covered

Nature has a calming effect on most people, while an office environment generally creates stress. Why not listen to the birds’ tweet as you finish that big project? A backyard office shed is a great way to have the best of both worlds! Get the peace and quiet you need to get your work done in your own backyard.

Office Shed the Perfect Backyard Workspace

Office Shed in your garden

Why A Backyard Office Shed?

Not enough room in your house for the grand office you have always imagined? No problem! Having a garden office is the perfect way to get a private space without adding on to your home. Garden sheds are a great way to get this desired outcome without spending a fortune, too. Plus, you can get really creative in making the perfect space!

How Much Office Space Do You Need?

How much room do you really need for an office? Well, an average pre-made garden shed would be around 8 x 10 feet., but shed kits 10 x 12 foot space would be the perfect size for a cozy shed office. You must think about all of the things you want in your office and that will help you determine the correct size for you.

What Do You Need For A DIY Outdoor Office?

When you picture your backyard office shed, what do you see? Chances are you will want to be comfortable with amenities you would find in your home office but in your backyard. Those amenities include: insulation, electricity, windows, and probably a floor! These are basic features but something to keep in mind before you get started.

Windows: This one is self-explanatory. You probably will want a window or maybe even two! Some prefab office sheds come with them already installed. However, if you go with a basic version, you may need to install yourself. Luckily, small windows are not too expensive, but this needs to be done before you get electricity.

Electricity: Power is the big one here. How else would you run your computer or lights? You will want to call up your electrician to run power to your shed if you don’t know how to do so yourself. It’s a quick and painless process, but something that needs to be done before insulation.

Insulation: If you are in a climate that you may need to heat or cool your outdoor office shed, you are going to want to insulate it. Insulation can be easy to put up but you will want to read up on it first or hire it out. Once wired and insulated, you can put up some “walls”. Something like bead board would be a simple yet attractive solution.

Flooring: Most backyard office sheds have the option to have your floor framed in, but double check beforehand. Otherwise you could end up with a dirt or cement floor! After your floor is framed in, you can get a simple flooring solution. From do it yourself stick tiles to click together wood flooring, your options are endless. Because it’s a small space, this is fairly inexpensive as well.

Office furniture: After you get all the above finished, you can get to the fun stuff! Pick out a great desk and accompanying chair. Add a nice book shelf or filing cabinet. There are so many different styles and ways to decorate a small space, it just takes some creativity.

How Much Work Is This Going To Take?

This completely depends on which option you went with. Did you go with the basic backyard shed office with no amenities? Then, you will need to assemble the backyard office shed, frame in the floor, frame and put in windows, run power, put up walls, and install flooring. Sound like too much work?

There are some great options out there for prefab office sheds that come pre-assembled or can be put together easily. Some even have walls that just click together! If this is the case, then you probably just need to run power (which can be hired out!) and decorate. Whichever way you choose is up to you and your needs.

Shed Office Cost, Let’s Talk Money.

DIY Office Shed: This is a tough one because it depends on which option you go with. However, if you are going for basic shed all the way, you are looking at around $400-$500 for a shed kit 10 x 12. After that, you will need to run power. That can cost anywhere from $200-$1,000 depending on how much you can do yourself and the cost of electricians in your area. A really basic window can run you about $75.

Next, we have insulation. You can get away with decent insulation for a few hundred dollars. Flooring also can be inexpensive and around $100-$200. Bead board or simple “wall” alternatives will run you around $100, too. A desk, chair, and bookshelf can run you close to $250.

Prefab Office Sheds: When you add all that up, it often comes out less expensive to get a backyard shed already outfitted to be an office. That can run you $2,000-$3,000 (modern shed cost are usually higher). So, really, they are about equal in price. It just depends on how much work you want to do and how much time you have!

Garden Office Planning Permission U.S. / UK

In the U.S. – That depends mostly on the size of your Studio Shed. Most counties allow for the construction of a 6×8 or 8×8 shed without applying for a building permit. Always check local regulations, some municipalities have more stringent requirements than others. For example some areas place restrictions on adding electrical wiring, or restrict the type of foundation.

Some restrict the location and the distance from objects such as fences, trees, property lines or pools. Or restrict the use, so if you are going to use your shed as an outdoor workplace, you will need to let the building inspector know.

In the UK – If your shed is single story and less than 2.5 m in overall height and if the building does NOT contain any sleeping accommodation, then you can (since April 2016) go up to 50% of the area of all your garden.


  • 1. in areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty the max size is 10sq meters at least 20 meters away from your house.
  • 2. within the garden of Listed buildings, you need full planning permission. As some councils may have local waivers and variations, always check with your local authorities first.


A backyard office shed is a great way to have the best of both worlds! Get the peace and quiet you need to get your work done in your own backyard-office.

There are many reasons you should build a backyard office shed.

The relaxing, stress free environment will have you looking forward to work.

You can enjoy nature’s peaceful surroundings while being productive.

Installing a backyard shed office is a great way to create a space tailored specifically to you. Find more amazing backyard deck ideas to enjoy nature’s peaceful surroundings.