How To Create A Calming Office Space In Your Home

If you tend to work from home or are a freelancer, then working from home is far too common. Most of us tend to find any free space to work from and just get things done, but for those who spend hours in front of a laptop or computer at home, it is hugely important that you set up a workspace which is not only efficient, but beneficial for your health.

Having a home office which is a calming space away from it all will help to improve productivity in the long run – it is the simple things which make the biggest difference in a home working environment. If creating a home office sounds like something you have been missing, then here are some home office ideas for small spaces on how you can create a calming workspace within your home or garden.

home office small workspace

Set Up Your Workstation

Good design and well-thought-out ergonomics all combine to create a smart home office space which can make your life a whole lot easier, simply by getting rid of all the little niggles and aches. Whether you suffer from a sore neck, bad back or even terrible headaches, they may well be the result of a poorly designed workspace.

Many of us start small when we work from home and soon the amount of time we spend working from home can vary hugely, with many of us working from poorly functioning workspaces. When setting up your workstation, be sure that you pick the right desk. The height of your desk is crucial when it comes to ensuring that you don’t suffer from poor posture. A desk which is too short will cause you to hunch over, whereas a desk is too high will cause shoulder and wrist issues.

Clear Away The Clutter

If you have stacks upon stacks of paper piles or just have endless amounts of clutter taking up space, then it is no wonder why you don’t feel calm in your office. Not only does clutter kill a mood, but it can cause you to feel overwhelmed, disorganised and frustrated. Try to create a cleaner and more organised office by decluttering your workspace.

In order to get to the bottom of the clutter, work around the room in sections. Start at your desk and remove every item from it. Then, decide what you need, what needs to be thrown away or what needs to be recycled or donated. Apply this method to the rest of your home office, and you’ll find yourself with a neater office space in no time.

Choose The Right Colour

If the walls of your office are bright or very plain, then it is no surprise why you feel stressed or unhappy every time you walk into the room. Colours are perfect at helping to bring energy into a space and definitely have an impact on your overall mood, which then has an detrimental effect on your work productivity. To fully optimise your productivity levels, try to include more calming colours in your design. For example, soft blue, pale greens and beiges will bring out a softer side to the room and help you to feel calm.

Ensure You Have Fresh Air And Natural Light

If you’re working in a home office which is without any natural light or fresh air, then you’ll soon start to feel agitated and unhappy. Fresh air and natural light work wonders for productivity levels, so if you have access to windows then open them and let the air in. You can also keep air circulating by having a fan on your desk, or contact ventilation suppliers if you don’t have access to windows.

Household plants also work to purify the air and remove any harmful toxins which can be present in the air. Aloe vera, Ivy and Peace Lily, amongst others, not only help to boost oxygen levels but the added greenness of the plant can also be a calming addition. Or think outside the box and take your home-office to the bottom of the garden with a home office shed.

Working from home is wonderful in so many different ways, but there are also stressors which you need to deal with as well. By following these tips, you can add a touch of calm into your home office.