Why You Should Consider Automating Your Home For Lower Utility Bills

The average American family spends $2,200 on utility bills annually. With the undeniable use of electricity in the modern home, it takes a huge chunk of this cost – $1,200 to be more precise. This amount will typically vary with the seasons. For instance, during winter, you will need more power to warm up your home.

On the other hand, a lot of energy will go into cooling the home and drinks to fight the summer heat. While the high bills are a small price to pay to manage the appeal of your modern eco home and live comfortably, there are plenty of ways you can reduce the high cost of running these appliances. One great way to lower your energy bills is to install a home automation system. Here’s how automating your home can help you achieve this.

smart eco-home

Understanding home automation systems

Home automation is a technology that allows you to have seamless control over various aspects of your home. By programming the system, you can decide on the warmth you would love to have in your home during different times of the day, as well as when your motorized window shades should be opened. Right now, conventional home automation systems allow owners to control aspects such as lighting and heating. But with the rising prevalence of the internet of things, devices like smartphones have started finding their way into the smart home market. Mobile devices ensure you have more control over your home remotely. You can switch your alarm system on and off, adjust your AC and achieve other tasks while away.

How automation affects energy consumption

The typical range of installing a home automation system is $404 – $1,798, according to Home Advisor. Which begs the question, is this installation price worth it? With the energy saving benefits that you are set to enjoy, installing it is a wise move. For instance, a smart eco friendly home will allow you to program your thermostat to maintain the temperatures of your home to a particular degree at specific times of the day. Additionally, you can set it to light up your modern fireplace at certain times of the night when you are most likely to be relaxing close to it. As for lighting the home, you can include settings such as “going to work” and “coming home” where the system can switch on the lights when needed.

How does this help lower your power bill?

A lot of energy is wasted on appliances that are left running when there is no need for them whatsoever. At first, the cost of leaving a bulb on for a full day will trivially affect your energy bill. With time, however, the accumulated wasted energy will lead to an increase in the total bill. When combined with other mistakes such as heating your home unknowingly during summer days, you will definitely be spending money on high electricity bills. An automated home comes with the convenience of only pressing a few buttons on your phone to achieve a task, thus preventing you from spending an exorbitant amount to power up your home.

Efficiency is essential for running a home with the focus on reducing utility bills. An automated home will do just that, not to mention, making it look appealing and classic. Furthermore, the saved cash can be put to use in other demanding aspects of your home.